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Hopefully, this is the start of your journey toward finally breaking free from the power that food has over you. We do things a bit (a lot!) differently here. We're a specialist practice in Sutherland Shire, Sydney, offering compassionate and collaborative eating disorder treatment, plus treatment for other eating behaviour concerns (like binge or emotional eating) using a non-diet approach. If you aspire to a life of just eating 'normally' again, you're in the right place. Read on 🙂

Are you a Non-Diet/ HAES aligned health professional?

I'm looking for you! Please contact Emma re locum/ contracting opportunities, or if you're already in private practice, I would love to refer to you. I also organise a monthly HAES practitioner meetup and would love to have you there.

Individual Dietitian Consults

Sutherland Shire Clinic

The number 1 reason people tell me that they held off on seeing a dietitian for their eating concerns is the feeling that ‘I already know what I should be eating’. And you know, I bet you’re right! I’ve never met someone with an eating disorder or other food & body concerns who didn’t have excellent nutrition knowledge. But because ‘nutrition is a science, and eating is a behaviour’ (actually a really complex set of many intertwined behaviours!) I focus on the ‘why’ & ‘how’ of eating.

We’ll work on improving your relationship with food: breaking down unhelpful food rules; building your confidence in making your own food decisions; and taking the guilt out of nourishing your body.

Binge & Emotional Eating Program

In Clinic Rooms + ONLINE SOON

Term 1 2019 bookings NOW OPEN:

Our 10 week group program teaches you WHY food can have power over us, HOW the Non-Diet approach gives you the power back, & SKILLS to trust yourself around all foods.

Includes a comprehensive resource folder, so you have access to the program materials forever. PLUS included 1 on 1 consult to work through any remaining personal challenges.

Group size strictly limited (4-6ppl), so everyone can receive individual attention.

Registration closes Fri 18th Jan-  or when booked out!

Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group

In the Clinic Rooms

Ongoing group for all eating disorder diagnoses, ages, genders and stages of recovery.

Suitable for those who are newly diagnosed & receiving outpatient treatment, those who are stepping down from hospital treatment/ day program, or those wanting to maintain their recovery.

Includes education about nutrition, self-care, movement & body image, and is a safe space to discuss how the topics impact you, talk through challenges, and discuss (or set) your own recovery oriented goals.

Minimum 8 week commitment for new group members. Waitlist open NOW!

What Health Issues Can We Help With?

We're a specialist practice, offering 'non-diet' (i.e. not weight focused) nutrition and body image counselling, eating disorder treatment, and related group programs. If unsure whether we can help you, feel free to phone and ask.
Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa

Medically stable adults and adolescents seen. Maudsley Family based Treatment offered.

Maybe you're not sure whether you actually have an eating disorder, or whether you're ready to get treatment? We can help you work out whether you're ready, what outpatient treatment options could suit you (check out our support group here), and put you in the drivers' seat.

It's never too early or late to get help.

Parents are welcome to phone & enquire about options for your child/ young adult.

Emotional & Binge Eating

Are there foods that you just can't keep in the house? Do you eat in secret, or feel ashamed about how much you eat?

We'll teach you how to take back the control that food has over you.

Get individual nutrition counselling, or you might want to join our Overcoming Binge & Emotional Eating group program.

Weight Concern & Body Image

FACT: Most people seeing a dietitian want to lose weight. BUT: dieting increases risk of chronic disease and makes most people heavier over time. There IS an alternative to yo-yo dieting misery!

We do not offer a weight control service; what we do offer is the Non-Diet approach, which is better supported by research for achieving long-term health improvement. This takes the focus off weight (which is mostly out of our control) and puts it on eating behaviours (eg mindful eating) & body image- which we CAN control and improve.

You deserve a life of enjoying food and feeling comfortable in your skin!

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Meet the founder, Emma

Learn more about clinic founder, Accredited Practising Dietitian/ Nutritionist, Emma Robertson, and why she believes in the 'Health At Every Size' approach.

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