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Content Notice: This blog does refer to themes such as fitspo, diet culture, and disordered eating behaviours, in order to bust myths, provide evidence based counter-arguments, and dismantle destructive elements of our appearance-overvaluing culture. Although there are no numbers or detailed descriptions of dieting practices/ ED behaviours, If you are feeling vulnerable it is advised that you don't view this content. If you do find any content triggering or upsetting, you are welcome to discuss it in your appointments/ group, or advised to discuss with your own therapist/ dietitian.
Why You Should Break Up with Fitspo

Those Fitspo profiles you follow are doing you more harm than good

They’re everywhere! Images of lean, toned bodies, headless torsos in crop tops wielding kettle bells and battling ropes. Lorna Jane clad runners at dawn with perfect neat ponytails, shadowed by trite quotes about good things coming to those who work… or other such drivel that I’m supposed to find motivating...

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Meet the founder, Emma

Learn more about clinic founder, Accredited Practising Dietitian/ Nutritionist, Emma Robertson, and why she believes in the 'Health At Every Size' approach.

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