ONLINE Binge and Emotional Eating Program- Join the waitlist for September 2019

ONLINE Overcoming Binge and Emotional Eating Group Program

April group now closed, waitlist for September 2019 group NOW OPEN
Binge & Emotional Eating Program- ONLINE


Re-opening August for September 2019 start


Self paced, recommended 1week/module ie 10 weeks.


Around 1hr video content per week

PLUS, new homework tasks to complete each week.


Upfront $459

3 monthly payments $185

Thanks for your interest in our ONLINE Overcoming Binge and Emotional Eating Program!

If you're keen to join this program, please read the suitability criteria below carefully, and add your details to the September 2019 cohort waitlist below.

If you're in any doubt about whether this program is suitable for you, please scroll down to send an enquiry and we can have a chat in person 🙂

Please note that if you decide to enroll, this will be taken as your declaration that you meet all suitability criteria.


STEP 1- Suitability Criteria

Please read the below statements carefully, and decide whether you agree they are currently an accurate reflection of you and your eating behaviours:

  • Although I currently experience binging or emotional eating, and my symptoms may be indicative of Binge Eating Disorder, I do not currently engage in compensatory purging behaviours, including (but not limited to) vomiting, use of laxatives or diet pills, or excessive exercise. I also do not currently compensate for foods eaten by deliberately skipping meals for periods of 8hrs or more (whether before or after a binge episode).
  • I do not currently have a BMI of 17.5 or lower.
  • If I have another known psychiatric condition, like anxiety and depression, or a personality disorder, I acknowledge that food is common coping tool, and working on improving relationship with food/body may worsen other mental health conditions or symptoms without adequate support from a qualified mental health professional. 
  • If I have a history of deliberate self harm or suicide ideation/ past suicide attempt/s, I will seek advice from my mental health professional (eg psychologist or psychiatrist) before deciding to enroll in this program.
  • We recommend if you have other mental health concerns (whether listed above or otherwise) to seek an opinion from your current mental health care provider regarding this program's suitability for you, and that you be prepared to engage in/ increase frequency of contact with your current mental health care provider/s. 

Sometimes there are mental health considerations that are more important than food & body image troubles, and it’s ok if you’re not ready to work on these right now. Your safety is far more important to us. This program will be here waiting for you when you are ready, or you might want to enquire about more supported treatment options, like face to face or Skype consultations 🙂


STEP 2- Choose your payment option

  • Select to pay the full fee of $450 upfront, at a discount of $105 off the installment total.
  • OR select to pay in 3 monthly installments of $185.

Cancellation Policy

As program materials are accessible straight after signup, we unfortunately cannot honor refund requests for changes of mind. We request that you please choose carefully, and contact us for more information if you need help deciding whether the program is suitable for you.


Binge & Emotional Eating ONLINE Sept 2019 waitlist

Please note that by joining the waitlist, you will receive occasional clinic updates, including updates about this program as we get closer to start date 🙂

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